UFC 196: McGregor vs Diaz Betting Tips

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UFC 196 McGregor Diaz

UFC 196 – McGregor vs Diaz

Sunday March 6th

Conor McGregor, the self-proclaimed king of the combat sports will return to action on Sunday at the MGM casino in Las Vegas. Unfortunately his quest to become the first fighter in UFC history to concurrently hold two different championships belts was put on hold when the lightweight champ Rafael Dos Anjos was forced out of the bout with a fractured foot. Always looking to outdo himself, McGregor will now completely bypass the lightweight division and instead face UFC bad boy Nate Diaz at welterweight. If you’ve never seen McGregor fight it truly is a thing of beauty, he darts in and out of range at unorthodox angles landing incredibly brutal shots with perfect precision and timing. He also has an unusual array of kicks that he uses to keep his opponents off balance and at range rather than inflicting damage. He pairs that with an absolutely granite chin which allows him to adopt the ‘take a punch to give a punch’ approach (see the Jose Aldo KO). McGregor’s weakness is obviously on the ground and if he spends much time there in this fight he will be in trouble. His takedown defence has been solid thus far in his career and he will need it to be on point again in this fight.

Opposite McGregor we have equally intriguing Nate Diaz. Diaz is an incredibly polarizing figure, some people love his old school fighter mentality while other’s think his attitude is bad for the sport. Either way he is always must see TV. His fighting style is that of a traditional southpaw boxer. He uses a long jab, excellent footwork and insane output to outwork his opponent. Although he lacks punching power, Diaz can deliver some serious beatings due to a crazy volume of strikes. It’s the famed cardio which allows him to keep up the constant barrage and although this fight is on short notice, by all accounts he was in the middle of training for a triathlon, so conditioning shouldn’t be a problem. Diaz is also famous for his in ring taunting and I would be shocked if we don’t see the middle finger go up mid round at least once in this fight. But the most impressive part of Diaz’s game is his BJJ, he is incredibly slick on the ground, particularly off his back. He will be by far and away the best BJJ practioner McGregor has ever faced. He doesn’t have a very strong wrestling game, so he will have to rely on scrambles to get the fight to the ground or sink in a submission.

UFC 196 Prediction

This will be the first time in his career McGregor will step into the cage as the smaller fighter. How he deals with this will go a long way to determining the outcome of this fight. One advantage of fighting a longer opponent will be that it opens up body shots. If McGregor can hurt Diaz to the body it will severely hamper one of Diaz’s biggest weapons, cardio. I don’t think Diaz has the wrestling to get McGregor down, but if he can this will be his fight to lose. Diaz is also notoriously bad at checking leg kicks, so I think McGregor will look to attack that lead leg and slow down some of Diaz’s fancy footwork. I think this fight will play out on the feet and McGregor has a massive advantage there. But Diaz is very hard to finish (Dos Anjos couldn’t do it) and I think McGregor will have more trouble than most expect before finally finishing the fight in the later rounds. Conor McGregor by 3rd TKO

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