TopBetta Blue Diamond Stakes tournament with $100,000 guaranteed

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This Saturday is a massive day for racing highlighted by the Blue Diamond Stakes in Melbourne.

To celebrate TopBetta is will be incorporating the Blue Diamond Stakes with a lot of other metro races from Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to create one of their biggest ever tournaments.

TopBetta has guaranteed a prize pool of $100,000 with a buy in of just $200.

This means that you can buy in for $200 and walk away with up to $50,000 as TopBetta has guaranteed first place at that amount.

Each participant will start the tournament with $10,000 BettaBucks and this is used to place bets on each race throughout the day in an attempt to finish as high up the leader board as possible.

Punters shouldn’t be discouraged if they don’t have a lot of knowledge on racing as the structure of the tournament allows a lot of different strategies to be utilised to give themselves the best edge.

A couple of the most used strategies includes grinding your BettaBucks by placing a lot of small bets on a race to slowly building your BettaBucks bankroll. This strategy is a low risk, low reward strategy whilst another popular one is to load up your entire BettaBucks bankroll on the one race in an attempt to build your bankroll quickly however it is a lot of risk as you could bust immediately.

To allow participants to adjust their strategy throughout the day, a live leader board is used on the site that can be viewed by each competitor and it is updated at the conclusion of each race.

You will be able to see what place you are ranked, how many BettaBucks each competitor has accumulated and this allows you to adjust your betting size accordingly.

Towards the end of the day, knowledge of the leader board is vital as you will need to decide what is best for you – this could be placing no more bets and hoping no one overtakes you or risking it all to jump up the leader board.

To enter the Blue Diamond Stakes tournament, sign up with TopBetta and have a chance of winning up to $50,000!

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