Sportsbet Cash Card Review

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Sportsbet cash card

The Sportsbet Cash Card is an exciting feature for its customers, which allows them to access their winnings as soon as their bets have been paid out as winners! The card allows punters to withdraw their money from all ATMs and to also purchase items with an EFTPOS transaction. However, the card cannot be used for transactions over the phone or online.

To use the card it must first be activated and winnings must be transferred from the customer’s Sportsbet wagering account on to the card. The card is not a debit or credit card and you will not earn interest whilst using the card.

The Sportsbet Cash Card has removed the days of the past where punters would be forced to wait a day or two after withdrawing to see the cash they have won. The money will be placed into your Sportsbet account and then once you have transferred it onto the card, it is immediately accessible.

To receive the benefits of having your online sports betting account linked with an ATM card, simply sign up with Sportsbet, make a deposit and register for the Sportsbet Cash Card.

Once registered, your card will arrive in the mail within 1-2 weeks. You will then need to activate the card by simply entering the nine-digit activation code on your card. Once the card has been activated, you will be able to use your Sportsbet funds to purchase items and withdraw cash.

A downside to the Sportsbet Cash Card is that money cannot be deposited directly onto your card. You first need to deposit money into your Sportsbet account, pick a winner and then your winnings can be transferred onto the card.

To join Sportsbet just click here to sign-up and then make a qualifying deposit. Then, when you start winning, you can use your Sportsbet cash card and get instant access to your cash!

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