How to Place a Multi Bet

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A multi bet allows for punters to have a low risk, high reward possibility as a small bet can turn into a huge win if you manage to win a multi. The multi, sometimes referred to as parlays or accumulators, involves multiple bets being placed and accumulated into one single bet. Each bet is referred to as “legs” and each of those legs are required to win in order for the multi to be successful. The odds of each bet are also multiplied which creates a great return on investment.

To gain a greater understanding of the multi concept, we will take a look at an example. We will place bets on the Newcastle Knights to defeat the Manly Sea Eagles, Roger Federer to win the US Open and then England to win the Rugby World Cup.

$10 on Newcastle Knights @ $2 ($10 profit)

$10 on Roger Federer @ $9 ($80 profit)

$10 on England @ $15 ($140 profit)

If all three of these bets were to win in individual bets, we would make a $230 profit from our $30 investment.

However, if we were to place all three of these bets into a multi then the return would be significantly more. The odds would be 2 x 9 x 15, which is a price of $270. Therefore, the same $30 bet would receive a return of $8,100.

Clearly, the multi option can turn your profits into a much larger sum. Although, the chances of constantly winning multis that have odds of this size is unlikely.

Recently, we have seen a new feature introduced at many online sportsbooks that gives punters a ‘cash out’ option on their multis. If more than one of your legs has been successful on your multi, and there are still legs remaining, you will have the option to cash out. Usually the cash out offered will be slightly reduced from the true odds, but it allows you to lock in a profit without having to worry about the remaining legs to be played. Some of the sports betting agencies that offer this option are the TAB, Sportsbet and Bet365.

Multis can be very profitable and they are great way to sweat the action for a small investment.

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