How to choose the best Australian Sports Betting site

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Australian Sports BettingA common question for people when they first get into sports betting is, “Where do I start?” A lot of people know about the different types of bookmakers but they don’t know which one will suit the way they wish to bet. Well, we have created a guide to ensure that you sign up with the appropriate sports bookmaker that will fulfil your needs.

Create a shortlist of suitable bookmakers

There are numerous online bookmakers but the ones you want to be using should be the most reliable and trustworthy. Bet King has provided reviews of all the leading Australian bookmakers and the different forms of depositing and withdrawing for each site. Each of the sites listed on Bet King come highly recommended as a good starting point for you to create a shortlist.

Which features are important to you?

It is hard to rank sports bookmakers because one sire can rate really highly for one person’s needs but then low for somebody else. That is why it is important to firstly determine what you will betting on and then which bookmaker will best suit your needs.

Below are questions which are vital for you to ask yourself prior to selecting a sports bookmaker:

• What sports do I primarily want to bet on?
• Will I be focusing on racing?
• How big are the wages I intend to place?
• Do I want the best start up bonus?
• Am I interested in sports or racing tournaments?
• What deposit and withdrawal options will I prefer to use?
• Do I need the website to be basic and easy to use?
• Do I need a good support program and help section?

Evaluate each bookmaker

When you have answered these questions, you can narrow down your list even further by assessing which options meet the most of your needs. Simply go to the sports betting reviews section on Bet King and you will find an individual review page of all of the leading sports bookmakers in Australia and the information will be provided all in one place for you.

Contact support

If by now you are still struggling to narrow down your selections to the final bookmaker then contact the support staff and ask them some questions. Many services offer online live support which will provide you with quick answers however some support isn’t as good and will only respond to emails which may take up to a couple of days.

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