Cricket Betting Types

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Cricket betting types

Betting on cricket is one of the biggest betting industries in the world, with millions wagered through Test matches, One Day Internationals, and the hugely popular T20 format all year round. With leagues such as the Big Bash and Indian Premier League (IPL) growing rapidly, betting on cricket has exploded over the last few years.

Betting on cricket is more than just betting on the winning team. Cricket betting options include factors such as the performances of bowlers, runs scored by batsmen, total innings scores, and even how a batsmen will be dismissed.

As the betting markets have expanded, it has given new and exciting ways for punters to enjoy a bet, some offering some juicy return on their money.

Here’s a guide to cricket betting and some of the most popular types of bets available for cricket:

Popular Betting Options

Match outcome – This bet is the standard betting type that has the punter predict who the winner will be or whether the match will end in a draw. Generally lower odds are offered in this market compared to others, unless you are predicting an upset.

Top Batsman – The punter predicts which batsman will score the highest amount of runs. For a Test match, this market usually applies to the 1st innings, but there are also markets for most runs in an entire ODI match, series or tournament.

Best Bowler – Similar to the batsman market, however it obviously focuses on which bowler will take the most wickets, either in the 1st innings of a Test match, an entire ODI match, or a full series or tournament.

Toss winner – Punters can bet on which team will win the toss. However the odds are not true odds which would be even money for a heads or tails situation. You would be better off betting on red or black at Roulette than betting on this market.

Partnership bet – The punter can predict which team mates will score the highest partnership throughout either the innings or the match. There is often a market that focuses on which team will have the best opening partnership.

Most sixes – This market gives a person the option as to which batsmen will hit the most sixes during the innings or match.

Most fours – This market gives a person the option as to which batsmen will hit the most fours during the innings or match.

Score prediction – This is usually a line bet where the market offers a score for an innings and the punter can bet if they think a team will score higher or lower than the score provided.

Man of the Match – The punter will need to predict which player will receive the Man of the Match honours. There is also usually a market for Man of the Series for a Test Match series or ODI tournament.

Cricket betting has developed over the years and now caters for both entertainment and professional punting. Therefore, it is necessary for punters to understand the various betting options offered by bookmakers before betting on cricket.

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