Why Browser-Based Casino Games Are Still Important

June 19, 2018 by Posted in Articles

Mobile Browser Games
Within the casino games industry at the moment, there is heavy discussion about how game developers and gaming platforms can expand to new technology. Virtual reality headsets are one such type of new hardware that many are looking to expand on, by offering casino game players a more immersive experience, aided by the improved tech of headsets like the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR. Mobile apps also remains a majorly fertile expansion ground, building on the fact that almost half of the world’s population owns a smartphone as of 2017.

But while it’s important to look towards future tech, that doesn’t mean that people should just forget about browser-based casino games. While the currently available browser tech, which allows people to play with just an internet browser and an internet connection, with no download required, may seem less exciting than embracing new hardware, this is the way that many people continue to access gaming experiences. As such, browser-based casino games are still of huge importance to the industry.

Browser-Based Casino Games Are Accessible

As mentioned, one of the reasons that many people like browser-based casino games is because they don’t require a download. But this isn’t the only way in which browser-based titles are seen as more accessible. Many players also enjoy them because these types of games free them from the constraints of their ageing tech. When a game is offered in a browser, you need to worry a lot less about how much RAM your PC or smartphone has or the speed of its processor because you know that a game will run smoothly on whatever hardware you have. Many cannot afford to upgrade their hardware, meaning that without browser games, they may be unable to access the casino games that they love.

There is Huge Variety of Browser-Based Titles

Players also like browser-based casino games because of the huge variety that’s on offer. Many of the leading casino gaming platforms, offer a large amount of games, ranging from the Mexican-themed Aztec’s Treasures to the Middle Eastern fun of Arabian Tales. Just by firing up their web browser on their PC, phone or tablet, players can access a weird and wondrous world of hundreds of games all optimised for their hardware. They can play games based on sci-fi adventures, fantasy epics, globetrotting goodness and more. Because browsers give players access to so many games for them to choose from, many players are quite satisfied and do not feel the need to look at any other gaming tech.

Pioneering Developers Are Creating Innovative New Features

As mentioned, there are hundreds of browser-based casino games that are already available to players, but this number is also added to on a regular basis. There are teams of pioneering browser game developers that are making a real effort to cater to the market. These include the likes of Rival Games, which has been delivering browser games since 2006, iSoftBet Games which has been a major player in the market since 2010, and RealTime Gaming which is another renowned developer. This crop of game development talent means that casino gamers will constantly have access to completely new browser-based experiences. So long as new games are being released, browser-based gamers will be playing, helping this section of the industry to maintain its strength.

There is a Massive Market for Browser Games

Moreover, there is a huge market for browser-based games, either casino games or otherwise. According to Global Games Market Report, the market for browser-based PC games is now $4.3 billion – and that’s just the PC gaming side of things. The mobile market for browser titles is also incredibly substantial, too. This means that there is a massive market of gamers looking for more browser-based titles and that means that the casino games industry has more new players to win over even without looking at all new pieces of hardware.

While browser casino games may not be getting a lot of attention right now in terms of the industry’s future, there are many indications that it is still an important part of the genre. It remains to be seen what developers and platforms will do to build it further.

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