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NRL betting tips by Bet King includes articles, previews and advice. If you’re looking for expert NRL tips during the season, Bet King will provide betting tips throughout the NRL season. We also include the best promotions for every round of the season and finals.

2018 NRL Grand Final Preview & Betting Tips

The 2018 NRL Grand Final will be played this Sunday afternoon between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters. Matta91 is back to preview the massive game and give his tips here

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2018 NRL Preliminary Finals Betting Tips

Two massive prelim finals in the NRL this weekend! See our preview and tips for both games here!

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2018 NRL Finals Week 2 Betting Tips

See our preview and betting tips for the two massive semi finals in the NRL this weekend here!

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2018 NRL Finals Week 1 Betting Multi

Matta91 is back this weekend to take a look at the Week 1 finals action in the NRL and provide his betting multi of the week here

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2018 NRL Round 25 Betting Multi

We’re looking to finish the 2018 regular NRL season with a bang with our NRL Round 25 Betting Multi.

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2018 NRL Round 24 Betting Multi

Round 24 of the NRL season gets underway this Thursday night! See our betting multi of the week here!

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2018 NRL Round 23 Betting Multi

Round 23 of the NRL kicks off Thursday night as the Broncos and Rabbitohs do battle. See our betting multi of the round here

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2018 NRL Round 22 Betting Multi

NRL Round 22 gets underway Thursday night! We take a look at the best value matchups of the weekend and give our betting multi of the round here

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2018 NRL Round 21 Betting Multi

Round 21 of the NRL season gets underway this Thursday night! We are back with another value betting multi of the weekend’s action here

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2018 NRL Round 20 Betting Multi

Round 20 of the NRL season gets underway Thursday night with a big game between the Broncos and Sharks! We are back with another betting multi of the week for the NRL here

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How to bet on NRL

Head to head – The most simple way to bet on the NRL is head to head. Simply bet on the winner out of the two teams playing.

Margin – In the NRL margin betting markets, you’ll find odds for a 1-12 or 13+ victory. The 1-12 margin is useful when two teams are expected to play a close game, especially in finals. While the 13+ is more recommended for a mismatch, such as 1st on the ladder against last.

Line/Handicap – The line for an NRL match sets the favourite and the underdog by a number of points. For the favourite, they’ll receive a minus number and they’ll need to win the match by the points given. Whereas the underdog will be given a plus number and can still lose the match but finish under the points to win the bet. The bet also wins if they happen to upset the favourite.

Total Points – Betting on the total points for an NRL match comes with two main options: over or under. The over total points is recommended for two high scoring and attacking teams playing each other. Whereas the under total is better in rainy conditions or when two defensive teams are in play.

First tryscorer – In NRL betting, punters can back a player to score the first try. It’s more recommended for outside backs such as the winger and centre.

Half time/Full time – The half time/full time betting markets is handy when you’re expecting a team to easily beat the underdog. It comes with more value odds than head to head.

Multi-betting – During the NRL season or finals, you can build a multi-bet on matches during the round.

Futures – Bet on the NRL grand final winner, end of season awards, top eight finish and more in NRL future betting markets.

NRL Betting Strategies

Betting Promotions – During the season and NRL finals, most bookmakers will offer NRL betting promotions. Luckily at Bet King, we help you find the best promotions per week. Visit our website during the season and we’ll provide you with the latest NRL promotions.

Travel – The travel factor in the NRL can be a key betting strategy. If a team has travelled in back to back weeks, it’s better to back against them as they could be playing tired. Travel also applies for most of the teams outside of NSW, expect the Storm at the moment. The key team to watch for is the Warriors outside of New Zealand. They struggle to win in Australia and betting against them is generally a great bet.

Injuries – If a team has key injuries, it’s best to back against them. For example, if the Storm are missing Cameron Smith, it’s doubtful they can perform as well without him.

Byes – During the middle part of the season and Origin period, NRL betting becomes interesting as key teams are missing star players. Betting against the Broncos and Storm is always a good idea around Origin time as their key players are usually missing.

Betting on underdogs – The NRL season can be full of upsets as most teams are fairly evenly matched due to the salary cap. So unless a team is missing a host of players, backing the underdog can pay off in the NRL.

Weather – The weather is a key element in NRL betting, especially when betting on the total points. In a wet match, the total points is more likely to fall under the total points as scoring becomes harder. Also, the margin is likely to end in a closer result which is great for backing underdogs at the line.

Find the best odds – We’ve reviewed the main players in the Australian bookmaker industry and you’ll find the best NRL betting bookmakers on our reviews page.