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NFL betting tips by Bet King including articles, previews and advice. If you’re looking for expert NFL tips during the season, playoffs and of course the Super Bowl, Bet King will have you covered with our best NFL betting tips.

2016 NFL Week 11 Betting Tips

Don’t miss Bet King’s best picks and tips for 2016 NFL Week 11.

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2016 NFL Week 10 Betting Tips

We are back with our best bets for the 2016 NFL Season, Week 10!

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2016 NFL Week 9 Betting Tips

Check out our NFL Week 9 previews and betting tips here as there are some big games!

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2016 NFL Week 8 Betting Tips

Best betting tips for an exciting Week 8 of the 2016 NFL season

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2016 NFL Week 7 Betting Tips

More best value betting tips, this time for 2016 NFL Week 7.

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2016 NFL Week 6 Betting Tips

Huge weekend coming up as we offer our 2016 NFL Week 6 betting tips.

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2016 NFL Week 5 Betting Tips

Betting tips for Week 5 of an already exciting 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 4 Betting Tips

Betting tips for what looks like a massive Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season.

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2016 NFL Week 3 Betting Tips

Betting tips for Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season!

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2016 NFL Week 2 Betting Tips

Betting tips and preview for Week 2 of the 2016 NFL season!

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How to bet on NFL

Head to head – Back a team to win in a NFL matchup. Good for multi betting and backing an underdog.
Handicap/Spread/Line – The line is a number given to both the favourite and an underdog. The favourite is represented by the minus line and must win by that number for a winning bet. Whereas, the underdog is given a points headstart and the bet wins if they either win the game or get within the points.
Total match points – An NFL game comes with two main total point options: over and under. The over total points is great for betting on two strong offensive teams. It’s also been a great bet in the NFL playoffs, for example in the 2016 season. Whereas the under total is recommended when a team is struggling to score points or two defensive teams are facing each other.
First Touchdown Scorer – Bet on a player to score the first touchdown in an NFL game. The best odds are generally given to a running back or wide receiver as they score the majority of touchdowns.
Margin markets – For an NFL margin, you’ll find a range of markets. These can include 1-13 points, 14+ points or smaller margins (1-6 etc). The 1-13 margin is great for betting on a game that is expecting to finish in a close result. While the 14+ is recommended when there’s a mismatch or near the end of the season when a team is out of the playoff race (bet against them).
Double result – Double result is basically another name for half time/full time. You can bet on either team to lead throughout the game.
Player performance – Bet on a player to score a touchdown, 100+ receiving yards or rushing yards, Quarterback touchdown passes and more.
Multi betting – Create a massive multi-bet on the NFL. This can include unlimited options, such as head to head, total points, line and more.

NFL Betting Strategies

Early season – In the early weeks of the NFL season, the chances of upsets are very high. Teams are still figuring out their game plan for the season and this can cause different than expected results.
Home field advantage – Home teams in the NFL have a huge advantage and they’re well recommended in the betting. NFL teams feed off the home crowd and it can be daunting for a road team to win away from home.
Injuries – Injuries are pretty common in the NFL and teams do have a large squad of 53 rostered players. However, injuries in key positions such as Quarterback can impact the betting. For example, in the 2017 season, Aaron Rodgers was missing from the Packers for the mid-part of the season and they haven’t looked the same without him.
NFL Promotions – During the NFL season, bookmakers may provide NFL betting promotions. These promotions may not be available to all states. Please refer to the terms and conditions of any promotion.
Suspensions – Along the same lines as injuries is suspensions. A team like the Dallas Cowboys has suffered from a suspension in 2017 and they’re performing well under their expectations without their key player.
Weather – The cold weather is mainly a key factor in December and January games on the East Coast. In potential snow games, the under total points is a great bet. The weather can also help when backing an underdog, as the scoring will likely stay close.