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2016-17 NBA Betting Tips – Thursday, November 10th

We are back with another massive NBA slate for Thursday the 10th of November, see our preview and betting tips here!

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2016-17 NBA Betting Tips – Thursday, November 3rd

The 2016-17 NBA season continues Thursday, click here to check out our previews and betting tips for some of the key matchups!

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2016-17 NBA Betting Tips – Saturday, October 29th

Huge NBA games this Saturday, October 29th and we have our betting tips!

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2016-17 NBA Opening Day Betting Tips

The 2016-17 NBA season is about to begin! Betting tips for the opening day!

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2015/16 NBA Playoffs Finals Series Preview

The NBA Finals are about to begin and we have our series preview here.

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2015/16 NBA Playoffs Conference Finals

The 2015-16 NBA Playoffs have begun and we have our Conference Finals preview here.

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2015/16 NBA Playoffs Betting Tips – April 21

The NBA playoffs are in full swing with a few early upsets and some poor performances from some star players drawing the attention of the headline writers. There are three Read More

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2015/16 NBA Betting Tips – April 13

We’re looking to scoop our NBA bets again this Wednesday!

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2015/16 NBA Betting Tips – April 6th

NBA action returns tomorrow! Here’s our preview and betting tips.

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2015/16 NBA Betting Tips – March 23

NBA Betting tips for Wednesday 22nd March.

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How to bet on NBA

Head to Head – Bet on a team to win the NBA game.
Handicap/Spread/Line – A betting line is available on all NBA games. The minus line indicates the favourite and they must win by this number for a successful bet. Whereas the plus sign is for the underdog and they can lose the game but finish under the margin for a winning bet.
Total Points – Bet on the under or over total points. The over is well recommended in the playoffs, especially if the Cavs or Warriors are playing.
First Basket – Bet on a player to score the first basket.
Wire to Wire – Bet on a team to lead throughout the game. Alternatively, you can bet on each team to have a lead at the quarter changeover.
Player Performance – Player performance markets can include total points, total assists, total rebounds and more.
Live Betting – Bet live on the NBA at most Australian bookmakers.
Multi Betting – Multi betting is a popular NBA betting type, especially when there are 4+ games on the schedule. You can also build a Same Game Multi at Sportsbet.

NBA Betting Strategies

Back to Back – When a team is playing in a back to back game, it’s generally better to bet on the fresher team. The team that is playing back-to-back could have injuries and will lack rest compared to a fresh team.
Early Season – During the early stages of the NBA season, the chances of more upsets are increased as teams come out of preseason. This is especially true for teams with new players that are still adjusting to a new game plan and their teammates game style.
Home Form – Home court advantage is another key NBA betting strategy. It’s generally best to back the home team as most NBA teams have a better record at home than on the road.
Injuries – A NBA lineup consists of just 5 starting players and injuries play a massive part in a NBA betting strategy. If a team is missing a key starting player, they’re likely to struggle. So it’s key to watch for injuries when betting on the NBA.
Late Season – In contrast to early season betting, if a team is well out the playoffs, it’s best to bet against them as they try bench players and could just be playing for drafting position.
Playoffs – Generally the NBA playoffs are high scoring and the over total points is a great bet choice. During the recent NBA finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors, scoring has been higher than usual and this has paid off for NBA betting.
Road Form – In the NBA, road form is a key betting strategy. In general, most teams will struggle on the road and it’s best to back the home team. Unless the road team has a good record on the road or against the opposition.