Betting Live “In-Play” In Australia

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Australian live betting was very difficult and complicated until recently when William Hill Australia reinvented the way live sports betting is conducted in Australia.

The transformation happened in the middle of April 2015 when William Hill launched ‘Click to Call’ which allowed its punters to bet on live in-play sports over the Internet whilst still following Australian law.

The Australian Interactive Gambling Act 2001, makes it an offence to offer or advertise online interactive gambling services to Australian residents. Therefore, the ability for punters to bet live over the Internet has been virtually non-existent.

Instead, this law forced punters to place bets on live matches in person or over the phone.

The new development made by William Hill finds a way around the law, which allows punters to bet on live matches online. There is still a call made but there is no need for the customer to speak to an operator. They will simply click on the odds they want on the live match, go to their bet slip and click ‘Call’. The punter will then be given three options to cancel, place bet or replay the odds.

The click-to-call program has revolutionised live sports betting and there is now doubt that betting ‘in-play’ is becoming a lot more accessible for Australian punters.

William Click Call

William Hill was soon followed by Ladbrokes who created a similar “Quick Call” feature on their site to capture the live betting market.

A majority of the international sports betting agencies have already offered their customers the opportunity to bet live on sports online, but now thanks to Ladbrokes and William Hill betting “in-play” is becoming a possibility in Australia.

In Europe, live betting is actually the most common form of betting with live betting taking up a massive 90% of all bets on soccer, tennis and cricket. That may one day become the case in Australia.

Live sports betting may seem as though it could be profitable because you have the luxury of being able to see the teams begin their matches and then place your bet with greater knowledge during the contest. However, the odds are constantly changing depending on the momentum and scores of the match. The bookmakers will also generally offer poorer odds on common betting markets. Take this into account when making any live betting decisions and always remember to gamble responsibly.

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    There are many sports betting sites these days on the web that it becomes confusing to select sometimes. Your post regarding the reputation of different websites must be very useful for players. Thanks!

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    One of the best things about online sports betting is that the players can do it straight from their homes and they can bet on Australian as well as international sports.


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