Australian Punters Unite for Baby Bonus

February 17, 2016 by Posted in Articles

Baby MoneyAustralian punters are uniting in a bold front to pull off one of the greatest sporting bets of all time.

With the country’s population recently ticking past 24 million, Australian sports betting giant Sportsbet have announced a range of markets for when the Australian population will reach 25 million.

The most likely scenario is the year 2018 which is paying $1.80 while 2019 is offered at odds at $1.95.
However a little more tempting are the generous odds of reaching the landmark by the end of this year which is paying a juicy $501.

Creating another million humans may sound like a daunting task, but Australian punters love an underdog and have decided to have a red-hot crack at the task of hitting the 25 million mark by December 31st 2016.

They are encouraging all fellow punters to place a bet at the $501 price on Sportsbet and then “go forth and breed” in an attempt to land a giant windfall for everyone.

“Shag your misses, your mistress and their sisters. Find a willing partner and make babies,” was the message from community leader Mick Abubbi. “It’s a great excuse to have a bet and get a root at the same time! And with the big payout, the baby already pays for itself!”

Punters are encouraged to “get cracking” in order to meet the December 31st deadline as “apparently these babies take a bit of time to hatch”.

Other markets include the gender of the 25 millionth baby and who will be Prime Minister at the time with Malcolm Turnbull the short-priced favourite.

There are also some specials markets around the timing of the 25 millionth person, which include $5.00 for Ray Warren to still be commentating, $7.00 for Australia to be a Republic and $51 for Nick Kyrgios to be the number one ranked tennis player in the world.

“Kyrgios is $51 dollars to have become World No.1 by the time we hit 25 million but probably a lot shorter to be banned from the game,’’ said’s Will Byrne.

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