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There are a range of different markets offered to punters by sports bookmakers that are on AFL sports betting. The two major markets involve betting on the match or future betting. These options expand into more markets, which give the punter a large variety of bets to choose from.

The most common and popular AFL betting types are:

Head to Head – This is the most basic of all bet types as it is simply just betting on who you think will win the match. If the team you bet on to win is victorious then will be paid out.

Line or handicap – After the bookmaker opens the market and gives the odds for a favourite to win the match, a ‘line’ is then formed that is believed to make the match up fair. The line involves a handicap being placed on the favourite whilst the underdog is given an advantage.

For example, if the Hawks are favourites against the Cats and the line is at 24.5 points.

Let’s say that the result of the match is the Hawks 100-95 with the Hawks winning by 5 points. The bets that had the Hawks on the line -24.5 would lose due to the handicap – they needed the Hawks to win by at least 25 points. However those punters who bet on the Cats +24.5 will be paid out as a winner, despite the Cats losing the match.

Margin – This bet type has the punter predict not only who they think will win the match but also by what margin. The odds are increased, which gives a good opportunity to earn extra profit if you think the result will be a small or large margin.

The basic margins that are used for the AFL market is 1-39 or 40+. In the example used above, the Hawks won by 5 points, therefore the bet that was placed on the Hawks to win 1-39 would win whilst the other bets would lose.

Live betting – The option to bet on live sports has been drastically changed thanks to the development by William Hill. The process normally involves having to contact an operator over the phone to bet on a sport in-play. However, William Hill came up with a concept that allows customers to bet on live sports online. The live sports odds are normally at a lower price than prior to kick off.

Futures – Futures bets involve predicting a result weeks before the match or decision will be made. The common futures bets in AFL involve premiership winner, minor premiers, wooden spoon, top 8 and Brownlow Medal.

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